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Lutheran World Federation

  • Matthew Krabill: "It is our hope that evangelicals will soon come to see these two obligations--mission and interfaith engagement--not as mutually exclusive but rather as an opportunity to embody a holistic witness that bridges religious divides for the sake of loving our religious neighbour as ourselves through conversation, cooperatiaon and proclamation."
  • The book, Muslim,  Christian, Friend by David Shenk is about Spiritual Friendship.  There's a lot of information of what we need to be a good friend.   He shares many anecdotes from his long life engaging Muslim people.  

The United Church of Canada

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Daybreak Press (2014) is the publishing arm of Rabata, an international organization dedicated to promoting positive cultural change and the revival of the female voice in scholarship. Located in St Paul, MN, Daybreak provides a unique variety of titles that promote the exploration and understanding of issues from social justice, to women’s issues, to spirituality and religion, through fiction and non-fiction publications.

The Possibility of Dialogue with Islam Today: Grounds for better understanding and dialogue with Islam by Catholic Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald. 

A New Life in a New Land - The Muslim Experience in Canada

A Journey Together -  A Resource For Christian Muslim Dialogue (Reference)

The NanoWisdoms Archive: Speeches, Interviews & Writings of His Highness, The Aga Khan

Where Hope Takes Root.pdf - Essays on democracy and pluralism in an interdependent world from His Highness, The Aga Khan

Karen Armstrong on religious violence - CBC Radio Podcast-The Sunday Edition (starts at 5.12)

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